Keep your favorite platform operating better and longer with high quality accessories. Plus browse some of our unique custom builds.


Want to get in on our gamification webinars? We are the first to bring a gamified and educational system to this space that runs daily.


We stock a huge assortment of firearms so that you can come in and find what best suits your needs with help from our expert team.


Our biggest priority is providing great customer service to you. Additionally, we work hard to ensure that our educational Webinars are interactive & fun.

We also strive to have the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff around. Our expert team has a lifetime of experience in firearms related questions. No question is too big or too small for us!

A few things we’re known for

D-RAM offers one of the largest custom builds selections and unique firearm inventories in store as well as being the only FFL dealer to have state-of-the-art proprietary technology powering it's revolutionary spin on webinars.


Our semi-automatic pistol inventory includes everything from .22lr target pistols to concealed carry weapons and standard duty-size large caliber options. We also carry some of the best package deals on handguns currently available, so be sure to check out what's in our largest ever Webinar selection.


A large part of our long gun inventory are our Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs). These include AR15 and AK47 variants. We carry an array of bolt action hunting rifles, lever actions, hunting and home defense shotguns.


We love creating special builds. If you happen to like custom wraps or design ideas, check out our inventory or reach out to see what projects we currently have in the pipeline. We also create customized builds for pistols and rifles with Cerakote. All of them are one of a kind and we deliver a unique one-on-one guarantee while combining imagination and functionality to each platform.

Want to get in on our cutting edge gamification Webinars? Request an invite today and come see what everyone is talking about.

What Are Webinars?


At least twice every single day, we will be hosting our state of the art gamified Webinar where we educate you on many aspects about a particular item while making the entire experience interactive. Our webinars cover many topics, such as the history of the item itself to it's specs and/or features. This is all accessible from your PC, laptop or mobile device. With our innovative website and Webinar integration, the process is fun and effortless for peer-to-peer participation and interaction, just like you would get from an in-person situation. Furthermore, with our cutting-edge gamification aspect that is unique to D-RAM, participants can interact with the process like never before while earning rewards and so much more. These Webinars are only available inside of our exclusive paid membership portal which always starts with a seven day free trial. With membership levels starting at a price point that is lower than what you would pay for Netflix, there is zero risk to you.

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Are you interested in becoming a regular participant in learning about firearms and joining our daily gamified Webinars? We now have an exclusive Member's Portal that includes various membership perks such as special pricing on Webinars, peer-to-peer interactions, rewards programs and an entire syndicate style social platform included.